Denny Breau

Lenny Breau – Legend

Legendary guitarist and music magnate Chet Atkins once referred to Lenny Breau as “The greatest guitarist that ever lived”. Native to Lewiston/Auburn Maine, Lenny’s musical genius would gain him world wide acclaim as one of the true innovators of the guitar. Lenny’s technique encompassed a creative interplay of fingerpicking, and Sabicas influenced flamingo, highlighted by an extraordinary right hand independence and flurries of artificial harmonics. His harmonic sensibilities were a combination of his country roots, classical, modal, indian, and especially jazz, particularly the work of Bill Evans. Lenny’s unique confluence of all of these musical facets is what set him apart and earned him the reputation of musical genius among his peers.
The Lenny Breau Memorial Scholarship has been established to honor Lenny’s musical legacy through the perpetuation of the study of musical performance or related of musical pursuit. The very basis of Lenny’s innovation was grounded in the fact that he himself continuously strove towards growth through inventiveness. As Lenny was so humbly quoted as saying, “I’ll always be a student, because I think of music as never ending.” In that spirit, the Lenny Breau Memorial Scholarship was created to further the study of music.

To make a contribution, please make check payable to The Lenny Breau Memorial Scholarship and mail to:

Denny Breau
61 Cottage Street
Lewiston, ME  04240

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Denny Breau